Primack Galleries

Thanks for visiting our galleries! Please click any gallery below to see its pictures. Then, you can click any individual picture to enlarge it. This page of galleries was begun in 2014. Please see our archived page for prior galleries, news, and other goodies.

The Portland Japanese Garden
(July 2022)

Trip Across the Country
(June 2022)

Farewell to Arkansas!
(April 2022)

A Trip to DC
(March 2022)

Starting to Slowly Say Farewell to Arkansas
(February 2022)

Arkansas, Pennsylvania, and Oregon
(November 2021)

Some Fall Goodies
(November 2021)

Sadie's Ultra-Creative Bat Mitzvah
(October 2021)

Piggies and Turtles and Goats, Oh My!
(September 2021)

Summer's a Good Time for Music
(August 2021)

Some Nature Shots in Arkansas
(July 2021)

Sadie Plays Lavender in a Professional Production of Matilda!
(June 2021)

Emerging from the Pandemic
(May 2021)

Post-Covid Passover
(April 2021)

A Spring Refresh for the Door
(March 2021)

Snow in Arkansas
(January 2021)

Winter Projects, Winter Lights
(December 2020)

Hiking Paradise
(November 2020)

Intro to Mountain Biking
(October 2020)

True Family Time
(September 2019)

Critters and Other Nature
(August 2020)

The Piggies!
(July 2020)

(June 2020)

Raising Raised Beds
(May 2020)

First Spring in Fayetteville
(April 2020)

A Mild Winter! Hooray!
(December 2019)

The Farmer's Market
(September 2019)

Hello Fayetteville!
(June 2019)

Farewell to Pittsburgh
(May 2019)

Spring: Piggies, Singing, the Trapeze, and More
(March 2019)

Hola Guatemala
(January 2019)

No Place for Hate
(November 2018)

Pitt Tidbits
(September 2018)

Daddy Daughter London Adventure
(June 2018)

Bringing Back the 8-Bit 1980s
(May 2018)

Spring at Colfax
(March 2018)

A Memorable Harry Potter Party
(January 2018)

A Busy Fall
(November 2017)

A Remarkable Summer Comes to a Close
(September 2017)

(August 2017)

(August 2017)

Awesomeness of Nature
(August 2017)

A Wonderful Summer
(July 2017)

Ellie Jean Takes the Stage
(June 2017)

Micah's Bar Mitzvah
(May 2017)

Spring Potpourri
(April 2017)

Basketball Season
(February 2017)

Yes, Virginia!
(December 2016)

Sadie Turns 10!
(December 2016)

Dance Camp 2016
(November 2016)

School Starts
(October 2016)

Summer Festivals
(August 2016)

Summer Nature in Our Neighborhood
(July 2016)

Various Photo Cleanup
(June 2016)

The Giver
(May 2016)

(April 2016)

(March 2016)

School and Neighborhood
(February 2016)

Galapagos Adventure
(January 2016)

Various Other Stuff
(December 2015)

Thanksgiving Dance Camp
(November 2015)

(October 2015)

Home and Garden
(September 2015)

Welcome to Ellie Dvash Primack!
(September 2015)

This Year's Sports Adventures
(August 2015)

Our Free Little Library
(August 2015)

The Kids Further Launch their Acting Careers
(July 2015)

Pilgrimage to KT Tunstall in NYC
(July 2015)

Sadie Stars in a Professional Book Trailer
(June 2015)

Brandon and Yin's Wedding
(June 2015)

A Fun May Festival
(May 2015)

Brian's 46th Birthday Party
(April 2014)

Southern Exposure
(February 2015)

Birthday Parties 2015
(January 2015)

Belize Adventure
(January 2015)

Thanksgiving Dance Camp
(December 2014)

Autumn has Fallen!
(November 2014)

Our First Denniston Street Sukkah
(October 2014)

(September 2014)

This Year's Garden
(September 2014)

Lemonade Stand Time
(August 2014)

Show Extravaganza
(August 2014)

(July 2014)

Summer's Coming!
(June 2014)

Nature Wakes Up
(May 2014)

Soccer and Other Spring Stuff
(April 2014)

Taking Advantage of the Winter
(February 2014)

Rainbows Galore
(January 2014)

Curacao Adventure
(December 2013)

Thanksgiving Dance Camp
(November 2013)

Various Fall Goodies
(October 2013)

Touchstone Arts Camp
(August 2013)