Shalom Chaverim!

Developing a Love of Jewish Music in Infants and Toddlers

5933 Hobart Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
(412) 421-4227

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What Is Shalom Chaverim?

Shalom Chaverim is a participatory music program in which youngsters aged 0-4, together with their parents and guardians, experience the delight of Jewish and Israeli music. We sing, dance, and play along with a creative blend of live and recorded music. It is designed to develop infants' and toddlers' musical abilities as well as their love for Jewish music.

The majority of songs are in Hebrew or Yiddish. Both religious and secular songs are included. Some examples of songs we will sing are shalom chaverim, tzadik katamar, bashana habaah, shalom aleichem, uf gozal, ani v’ata, oyfen pripotchik, tumbalalaika, hineh ma tov, lo yisa goy, oseh shalom, esa ainay, maoz tzor, chanukah oh chanukah, heveinu shalom aleichem, hava negila, eli eli, eliyahu hanavi, ma yafeh hayom, and more.

All sessions are led by Brian Primack, a resident of Squirrel Hill and a musician, educator, and physician.

All tuition is donated to various charities.

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