Farewell to a House and Stuff

April 2022

I admit it -- I'm nostalgic. So, when we decided to downsize, every now and then I took a picture of those few things Marie Kondo told me I might want to remember someday.

At least I'm no Imelda Marcos ... I wore them til they fell apart

I'll definitely miss this lovely house!

From this angle as well

Definitely the most spacious living room we'll ever live in

It was finally time to let go of the keyboard I played for over 30 years

And the amp -- at least some one else is enjoying them now!

This was *not* nostalgic ... but maybe a bit comical to see what you find when you've lived in Pittsburgh for 20 years and are cleaning up ...

The trusty hoosier we got at a second-hand store and enjoyed for 20 years ... no room now!

Couldn't find room for the router or the table I built for it

A friend gave me their melted keyboard -- it was fun to have for over 35 years, but it was also time to say goodbye

Two of these photos were mine; kept it for 20 years but just couldn't justify another move!

A lovely book case I always enjoyed -- the woman whom I gave it to was delighted

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