Starting the Fayetteville Farewell

February 2022

News Flash: We're off to Oregon this summer! So, this month was partially about enjoying all the great things about Fayetteville while also preparing for the big move.

Sadie and good friend Lily take a break while mini golfing

The lovely nearby woods after a snowfall

Jen volunteered to help care for a friend's baby!

Another adorable shot with baby Brycen

Micah and his friends at band practice in our living room

Brian and Arnold hiking through the woods ... I'll miss these adventures the most!

From above, it's hard to tell Fayetteville and Corvallis apart

Arnold, Brandt, and Sylvia helping us pack

Taking a break in the pod

Bradshaw and Micah with the Razorback mascot

My good friend Jim Rollins, superintendent of Springdale schools, also joined us in the box

Micah and the band playing at the Farmer's Market

The flowers at Khanna, our favorite Indian restaurant in Fayetteville

We'll miss the southern charm of Fayetteville

Sadie posing with the Fluff

These two always seem to be ready for fun

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