End of Year Round-Up

November 2021

Sometimes at the end of the year I find some great pictures that somehow missed previous posting.

The sign we made for the GLBT pride march for our synagogue

Brian, meet table saw -- table saw, meet Brian.

Sadie, Micah, and Sadie's friend Maya catching some sun

On the way to school, flanked by black-eyed susans

Planting some fall crops.

I'm not sure who this family is, because they're under cover -- but they are definitely Razorback fans!

Speaking of Razorback fans, this is what happens when Arkansas beats Texas ...

The box is always fun!

Jen surprised me with a cake and a party when my book came out

Sadie taking art shots of Micah

Sadie and her grandparents -- all very stylish!

This is what happens at the Primack house when an empty pizza box is lying around for too long

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