Sadie's Bat Mitzvah

October 2021

After it was postponed twice, Sadie finally completed her bat mitzvah! While it had to be limited because of COVID protocols, there was a small spirited group in person and a huge contingency of people sharing the experience virtually from all over the planet!

It was a beautiful day for dancing outside.

Art shot of the behind-the-scenes reason for the whole thing ... the Torah!

Micah and Sadie doing some 4-hands work.

It was delightful to see everyone watching on Zoom.

The band, which included Micah, Eli, and John Michael.

Sadie and her friend Eyesha, sharing a little moment.

Sadie led the whole service, with some help from dad and brother now and then.

Jen and Brian do their aliyah (blessing) right before Sadie officially becomes a bat mitzvah.

Some of Sadie's friends posing.

Jen and Brian taking a moment during the chaos to reflect.

Sadie leading the service.

The nuclear family trying desperately to pose.

Sadie does the blessing over the wine.

Sadie on ukulele.

Now both sister and brother have been through it!

Sadie giving her talk about the meaning of the Torah portion to her.

Posing with Aunt Gretchen.

Sadie with Bubbe and Zayde (Brian's parents).

With grandma Linda.

A family shot.

Sadie prepares just before starting.

I'm not quite sure what my strange expression here is about, but it seems happy!

Sadie reading from the Torah scroll -- no notes, no vowels, no punctuation. Wow!

Another picture of Sadie and her friend Eyesha.

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