Animal Interlude

September 2021

Here we are up close and personal with a bunch of animals -- some wild and provided by nature, some belonging to the family, and some cared for on a farm.

An interesting turtle, just hanging out on the side of the road.

Brian hanging out with Bella and Zoey.

Sadie and Ellie.

Bella and Zoey enjoying a meal together.

Sadie and a friend went to goat yoga!

This fella was particularly excited about his free pretzels.

More goats in action.

Sadie's friend Sienna is in the background.

This guy's horns are being protected so that he doesn't accidentally hurt a friend!

Spiders are animals too!

Sadie and Ellie just chilling ...

... and then sharing an affectionate moment!

The yoga experience was so fun that we decided to visit a goat farm just to learn more about it.

We brushed them ...

... and, of course, fed them!

No animal collection from Fayetteville is complete without Ellie together with her friend Ray!

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