Musical Adventures

September 2021

It's probably not surprising that, in this family, a bunch of photos collected that had something to do with music. So, it's time for a gallery!

The cool set-up for Sadie's drum lessons. She didn't do them for a long time, but she got plenty good!

We got soaked, but it was all in the service of seeing the Avett Brothers perform.

Another shot of me and the kids waiting for the Avett Brothers to perform.

There was this really cool Roots Festival, but all the tickets were sold out. So, Micah and I volunteered!

The main act was one of Micah's favorite bands, Watchhouse. Here they are performing.

And here he and his band-mate John Michael got to meet them after the show!

Micah jamming with a musician he just met at a picnic.

The kids and I are on the schedule! We play monthly at a senior living center.

And here they are: John Michael on mandolin, Micah on guitar, and Sadie on vocals.

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