Sadie is Lavender!

June 2021

Sadie crushed it as Lavender, Matilda's best friend in the musical Matilda at Theatre Squared, the premiere professional theater in Northwest Arkansas. To give you a sense of how challenging it was to get into this show, after her initial audition, Sadie had to go to four separate callbacks! She was originally being vetted for a different part, but they were so impressed with her callback that they ended up offering her Lavender, a bigger part. Among other things, she got to do a really fun and silly monologue to start Act 2.

The company at the cast party.

Sadie made friends with Lily, a fellow actor.

Headshots of the lead actors.

After the show, Sadie hangs out with two other actors, including Piper (left) who played Matilda.

Aunt Gayle came all the way from Pennsylvania to Arkansas to see Sadie!

Sadie with two of the amazing professional adult actors in the show.

The gang hanging out in the parking lot after the last show.

The official promotional poster.

A highlight was the comic genius of the actor who played Trunchbull.

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