Winter Projects, Winter Lights

December 2020

We found a few projects to do around the house. We also kept the holiday lights burning -- literally and figuratively -- in hopes of a brighter 2021.

This was an old table that belonged to my grandma Sadie, for whom our little Sadie was named.

I thought it was time for a restoration. I had no idea the wood was so beautifully stained underneath until I had sanded it down.

And here is the final product after restoration with the right kind of oil! Now Grandma Sadie's table is used for cards and crafts, just the way she would have wanted.

A puzzle makes a perfect pandemic activity. This was the beginning of a puzzle centered on our old house in Pittsburgh.

And here's the final product, hanging on our wall, to remind us of our old lovely city and home.

When we got the puzzle of our new house, it was a bit overwhelming with so much green ...

But eventually we got that together as well, and it also hangs on the wall.

We also did some other sprucing up, including curating some areas of the house and hanging family photos.

The eighth night of hannukah!

Another shot of the chanukiah.

And here are Micah and Sadie in the shot.

Now joined by Jen and Grandma Linda.

Linda's 78th birthday on Zoom!

Father-daughter biking date.

Micah's true Garage Band, called "Russell's Teapot"! Masked and distanced, here Eli is on mandolin, John Michael is on guitar, and Micah is on banjo.

Eli and Micah performing for a couple of (distanced!) neighbors.

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