Hiking Paradise

November 2020

Hikes are another great way to spend time during the pandemic. It's a great way to be outside, to be distanced, to get exercise, and to enjoy the Natural State.

The whole family ready to hike in Vandergriff

Micah, Sadie, and I on an adventure when Jen and the pup were otherwise occupied

Some beautiful old rock formations -- and a beautiful boy!

For you moss lovers out there

A hike we took with the Smith-Wong family

The girls enjoying the view

Jen looking down over nature

Usually there's a waterfall here ... but this is what happens when it hasn't rained for a week!

At Devil's Den park, people like to leave "signatures" with rock formations

Jen and Sadie posing with the rocks

Ellie feels the need to photo-bomb

The gang on a different hike -- this time back to the trails right behind our house

Chardo playing with Quincy and Ellie -- who are best friends!

Chardo in the pavilion on Mt. Sequoyah in Fayetteville

The pups meet some friends on the trail!

Ellie and I stop for a rest

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