Intro to Mountain Biking

October 2020

Seeing as we're now in Mountain Biking Nirvana, we decided to join the proverbial club. Some favorite spots are Lake Fayetteville, Gregory Park, Centennial Park, the Bentonville Trail System, and the Razorback Greenway.

Every once in a while we bring the fluffy girl ...

... because she has her own carrier. She doesn't it love it right now, but she's getting used to it!

One of our favorite parks -- gentle uphill and then a fantastic downhill

A physically distanced picture in front of the famed "Atomic Bunny" mural. Micah's on his own because I'm taking the picture.

The kiddos with one of the Gregory runs in the background.

Sadie takes in the view from atop Chardo's truck.

The whole family went on this outing!

Micah's action shot on the single-track around Lake Fayetteville

And Sadie is not far behind!

It's only Mountain Biking if there is some occasional mud ...

The recovery shot after a long journey

In Bentonville we stopped to check out some wildlife in the creek

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