Critters and Other Nature

August 2020

Northwest Arkansas is a nature-lover's paradise. Here are some encounters we had with all sorts of lovely living creatures.

Moss, lichen, fungus -- all living together in harmony

Some classic toadstools

Another set of attractive fungi

Is there a finer example of knotty bark?

Bright fungi lighting the way on an early morning hike

So that's how caterpillars nest!

So we're hiking, and this mountain goat is just hanging out, watching our progress

This turtle was just randomly on our sidewalk; we brought him to safety

Not all nature is what you'd like to see ... this is the Lone Star tick

An ancient turtle we saw on a hike

Spring flower

Spider artist showing off

Twin mushrooms, framed by autumn

A colorful dragonfly finds a perfect set of stones to pause on

Lovely lichen

Our annuals lasted all through the winter, seen here covered in frost

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