June 2020

Before the pandemic, Jen and Sadie had been going to the animal shelter every week to volunteer. Because that wasn't possible in the time of the pandemic, we offered to foster a kitten. Enter Prospero! He was found, sick and scrawny, in an abandoned car. So we helped nurse him back to health, and now he's in his forever home.

Ellie loves her new friend and is gentle with him

Jenny shows off the boy

Here he is with Sadie

On an adventure down in the living room

Micah, Ellie, and Prospero pose for perfect cuteness

Micah and Pros share a special bond because he slept in Micah's room

Here he is!

Sadie shares a last cuddle before he gets adopted

As it turned out, his forever home is with a friend of ours from the theater community!

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