Raising Raised Beds in the Pandemic

May 2020

A good pandemic project was to put together a new raised-bed garden. Our first year yield wasn't perfect, but we learned a lot and had fun.

Micah helps me tame our runaway roses

Everyone helped make the raised beds. The kids helped me screw together the wood. I used cedar to avoid rot and insects. Jenny helped staple weed fabric onto the bottom.

Time to put in the compost and topsoil!

But there's also plenty of time for playing

I put together a roped structure for beans to grow on.

Everything is planted

Some of the squashes

You can see the garden in mid-growth while Micah's band plays in the background

The carrot yield!

Sadie shows off some tomatoes

Jenny is harvesting and chopping up basil for pesto

We didn't end up with a ton of meals, but we learned a lot for next year!

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