First Spring in Fayetteville

April 2020

COVID is raging and causing problems all over. But at least it gave me some time while sitting at home to post a few nice memories from the last few months.

A particularly adorable moment for the fluff

Homemade pita we made to bring to a friend's

Micah with his bandmates Eli and John Michael

Zora and Eliza came to visit!

Arnold and Thomas reliving the past at Fayetteville's incredible 80s arcade

And the kids found one of their own to play

Part of the gang ready for a hike in the woods

One of our creative advisors at work makes an incredible bulletin board display each month

Sadie and some kids at the Temple on Purim

Sadie went to see her good friend Seaghan do Irish dancing

It's been a while since we played Mille Bornes!

Arnold does his Tarzan impression -- very impressive!

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