A Mild Winter! Hooray!

December 2019

This was our first fall in Fayetteville. We did as much exploring as we could, but we still just scratched the proverbial surface. Well, we had to leave some stuff for next year!

At our favorite hiking spot near our house

With my outstanding special education facutly members -- they asked me to photobomb, I swear!

I ran into Sitti, one of our Fulbright Scholars from Indonesia, while at the Farmer's Market one day

Our Jewish Temple turned 10 years old, and to celebrate the milestone spiritual leaders from all over Northwest Arkansas offered blessings -- including Imams, Priests, and Spiritual Leaders from local Native American tribes

Sadie was in a show put on by our local community theater

The bathroom sign at Nomad's -- one of our favorite restaurants

Sadie had a surprise party for one of her friends

Micah and I for an adventure to nearby Tulsa, Oklahoma to see ...

... the Indigo Girls!

Sadie and her friend Maya in front of the Christmas Tree of books at the Fayetteville Library

Micah and his friend Eli -- they started a band together

Julia, a friend from Temple, meets Bella

Sadie and some of her friends

We went over to a friend's for Chanukah

On Christmas Day it was 65 and sunny!

The obligatory 8th day of Chanukah picture

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