The Fayetteville Farmer's Market

September 2019

The Fayetteville Farmer's Market is open year-round, but from April to October it's right in the middle of the town square. Sadie and I had an adventure biking into town and having our first real trip to a place that I hope we go to frequently!

Babies, people registering to vote, and -- yes -- a harpist

A nice reminder on a piece of local art

Homegrown bands and hanger-outers of all ages

Sadie and I, taking a break!

The summer concert series is at the park right up the street from our house

More goings-on

A quirky house we spied near the town square

The creative mirror setup at a restaurant in town

Here we are at that summer concert series

They are crazy about their dogs here ... even the jewelry store is dog-friendly!

A creative way of showing your prices

There are a few kinds of mushrooms ... I guess that makes sense in the Natural State

More songsters

Another corner band

Old time songs and percussion

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