Welcome to Fayetteville!

June 2019

Is it a funky college town? Somewhere between the South, the Midwest, and the West? Sort of like Asheville? The #4 place to live in the USA according to US News and World Report? Home to a flagship Research 1 community engaged University? A nature lover's dream? Some of the nicest people you'll ever meet? All of the above!!!

Right when we landed the fun began. There in the airport was a giant chess set.

My first sighting of Old Main, the quintessential heart of the University of Arkansas.

The kids, Jen, and I sitting down to eat at the Farmer's Table -- an adorable and funky brunch place with curried hummus, a quinoa bowl, and many other vegan delights.

Sadie picked up some shades at the Mustache, a place that sort of defines "Fayetteville Funky."

The family in the town square

Possibly the best pizza we've had

It can be exhausting shopping for new furniture. Fortunately, we raided Pier One before they went out of business.

I took Sadie and her new friend Skylar ice skating up the street (yes, there is ice skating in Arkansas).

It's true! The U of A students set up hammocks around campus to read and study.

Sadie makes a friend in her Shakespeare acted summer program -- they put on Midsummer!

Sadie and I found a cafe with about 40 cats wandering around called the Purr Catfe.

Micah and I went to see Asia, the Moody Blues, and Yes at their ampitheater. It was an incredible show.

Ah, Nomad's Southtown. Atmosphere galore. And burgers with all the fixings -- and all vegan.

A shot on the Nomad's patio, just to get a sense of the place

I'm very lucky to have such an awesome date for my various University functions.

There's lots of hiking, and always a critter or some other surprise waiting for us.

Sadie's school uniform is pretty standard, but she's allowed to wear whatever *shoes* she wants.

Fayetteville has the best 80s arcade I've seen ... even during the 80s!

Here Micah and Sadie are playing a tabletop arcade game with Fiona and Amaya, two friends they met while acting in a show.

I can tell there are going to be a lot of Razorbacks in my future ...

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