Farewell to Pittsburgh

May 2019

Twenty years is a long time. Especially when it was in Pittsburgh -- a place where we really put down roots. A place where we made so many friends and became part of so much in the community. We won't forget you Pittsburgh!

My office in the Cathedral of Learning. It reminds me of all the people I met here, all the programs I worked on, and all the good times we had as a staff.

I'll miss the colorful array of programs we developed to get the students, staff, faculty, and alumni engaged.

Purging. We put out on the curb for folks to take so much of our past -- like the puppet stage I built and Jen made the fabric for.

The U-haul, filled to the brim.

We had to go to Silk Elephant one last time. Micah's first meal out ever (5 days old) was at their sister restaurant Bangkok Balcony.

We gave away all of our furniture, including on the porch.

Wait a second! We can't send that in the truck!

The view from my office, and a reminder of all the good times we had in the library, Phipps, Schenley Park, the CMU Carnival, and more.

I took Micah and Nadav to Games N At one last time ...

We donated our good furniture to a non-profit that gives sofas and such to refugees who just moved to Pittsburgh.

Ah, the Center. I'll miss all of my faculty, staff, and students!

Just a few of the papers we all worked on together.

I gave away this shabby chic rug on Craigslist. She was so happy!

The whole gang went to Square Cafe for the last time.

And they surprised Grandma with a cake! Farewell, Pittsburgh. All good things must come to an end.

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