Spring: Piggies, Singing, the Trapeze, and More

March 2019

Playing with the guinea pigs -- Bella and Zoe -- was definitely a highlight. But a lot of other stuff happened this Spring as well.

Micah's friend Molly in the recording studio. They wrote a song and rap about Theodosia Prevost.

Some friends came to visit from New Orleans

Sadie at her aerial circus arts class!

Micah striking just the right pose for his Spring concern with Hazamir at Lincoln Center

Micah's first cash award prize for composing

Passover Seder at the Primacks

Sadie in chorus at her school

Zora, Molly, Micah, and I went to see Avengers Endgame

A nice moment between Micah and the fluff

The buttercups are out

Micah performed for the CMU community music school

Hazamir practice

Bella (left) and zoe (right)

They love their cucumber!

Bella venturing outside

And here she is in her new home

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