Adventures in London

June 2018

Sadie and I went to London, primarily to see the Harry Potter play, the Cursed Child. But we had a bunch of other fun adventures along the way!

It was a magic trip, after all

Sunflower didn't want to be left behind

We went to a special course to learn the secrets of being a potion master!

Sunflower came for this part too

The opening set for the Cursed Child

Waiting in line, but the Indian food we ended up getting was worth it!

Choose love!

Sadie posing in front of the theater

In line for the actual event!

We took a great tour throughout the city of London -- Sadie brought her time turners in case we needed to go back and see anything again

With Rubeus Hagrid

Sadie spied some Nifflers!

Sadie shows us the castle where the Potter movies were actually filmed

Other witches and wizards were learning as well

Hanging out at a park ...

... where we got to stop and have some treats!

Be careful in the poison garden!

At our cool pub lodging called the Dusty Bottles!

On vacation!

In addition to flying, Sadie learned to levitate objects ... what a cool trip!

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