Harry Potter Always!

January 2018

Sadie had a memorable Harry Potter party for her birthday.

On her 11th birthday, she woke up to a Hogwarts acceptance letter ... what a surprise!

The girls at the party were separated into 4 houses, and each had to hunt down different colored balloons that had clues inside.

To get out the clues, they had to use magic wands (OK, they were safety pins) and a special spell.

Micah and Ellie helped me plant the clues.

The cake!

The creepy Slytherin team.

The Ravenclaws

The Hufflepuffs

The Gryffindors

With each clue, they also got random words they had to collect ... which spelled a final clue to the location of the treasure!

Some of the dregs of the clues, all in rhyme

When they were all done they went back to being muggles in the park

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