August 2017

Sometimes summer is a good time to slow down a little. So, I finally got a chance to tackle a few projects around the house.

I finally grouted Sadie's door sign

Jen and I turned 15! So I made this sign out of old license plate letters. I was missing one letter, so Micah and I found a license plate guru on Craigslist who we met at a gas station (!) to purchase the needed plate.

Micah made these incredible cards for his teachers to thank them for a great year

I took apart one of the synthesizers because it wasn't working

Alas, despite soldering in a new battery, the internal memory is still corrupted -- but at least I got it working when using external memory

Under the sink was getting *really* problematic

So, first I cleared everything out

Then I cut some medium density fiberboard to fit

Here it is drilled down -- the cutouts around the plumbing were challenging but fun!

And after adding shelf-liner it's good as new!

I had a few rusty tools that needed some new life

Here's the saw after using naval jelly to remove the rust; the shovel is still there for comparison

For the shovel I used the brute force method -- an angle grinder

The garage was getting really bad -- the walls ...

... and also the floors. This is actually after I filled cracks.

And here is the wall after a nice coat of paint. The only thing I don't have a picture of is the final product after the floor got some nice slate grey concrete floor paint.

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