A Wonderful Summer

July 2017

Just the right balance of some adventures and some hanging out and enjoying our friends, family, and town.

I got my first Dean job ... thanks for the cake!

Micah, Desi, and I went orienteering ... and saw a snake!

Here we are finishing the orienteering course

The pup, hanging out with us on the bed

Micah and a friend got to go up in a four-seater plane

Micah made these adorable and creative cards for his teachers, just to thank them for a great year

Sadie, Micah, and Ellie on the front porch

Summer means more time to play with the Shorkeys!

On the plane to Boston to go to Explo

Dropping off Sadie in her room at Explo at Wheaton

After dropping off the kids, feeling nostalgic, I went to my old apartment

And I went to my old school to remember some good times there

The neighborhood missed Sadie and Micah and were glad to see them return!

The tree swing at the Donny's house

And from another angle

The pup on the porch!

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