Micah's Bar Mitzvah

May 2017

I know I'm biased, but I think Micah had a truly remarkable Bar Mitzvah. He sang beautifully, wrote and delivered a really amazing talk, and handled all of the visitors and attention with grace -- especially for being an introvert! Great job, Micah.

Micah and Rabbi Adelson

The family surrounding Micah at the bimah

The text he sang in Hebrew had no vowels or cantillation markings


Yes, this is posed, but we really did have a good time

The art shot with the stained glass window in the back

Another Torah shot

Sadie and Micah

The siblings a bit closer up

Mommy and Daddy join the kids

Grandma and the kiddos

Grandma and Micah -- and his Fibonacci spiral necklace

Another nice shot with Grandma

All five of us

One more of the whole family

By the way, Jen made Micah and I matching ties!

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