Spring Potpourri

April 2017

A great trip to DC, and some creative fun at home too.

Micah makes a lifelong friend, Leo Kraft!

The Primack and Kraft families checked out the Smithsonian together.

Sadie and I took a side trip to the zoo, where we made friends with a fennec fox.

Micah and Sadie painting Ellie!

Micah and his friends puzzling over a Dungeons and Dragons adventure.

And here they are displaying their character sheets.

The neighborhood kids hanging out, and Sadie just making herself comfortable.

The family, getting ready for a night on the town.

As part of the zoo adventure, Sadie and I took extra time at the Giant Panda exhibit.

Sadie and a sea lion friend.

Hanging out in front of the Watergate Building, where Bubbe and Zayde live.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Amy Shorkey!

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