Back to School

October 2016

What is it about back to school that is so great? Everyone is back so we can do things together? When it cools down we get more active? Whatever it is, we had it this year: cool creative cameraderie as school began in 2016.

Day 1 of a new year at Colfax!

Micah treated me to a Twig and Spike comic at work

The gang about to walk to the bus

I cut an emergency seat bottom for a friend who was having a party and had a chair implode!

Another project for a friend ... but I spelled the Hebrew name wrong in my first draft!

But after some back-to-the-drawing-board ...

Voila! The finished product!

This shot while on a bike adventure features Ellie still in her defluffed state

A little friend I spied while on a jog one morning

Micah, Sadie, and I entertain at the local nursing home once a month

Sadie, fluff, and I take a detour while on a walk

Sadie, Bakila, and Maya on Halloween

Yes, it was election season. It didn't swing our way, but it was still nice to see this sentiment on the sidewalk.

In the Pitt stadium

It was a close game!

I made Jenny an upcycled tribute to our 15th anniversary

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