Summer Nature on Denniston

July 2016

Lots of sun, rain, and nature lovers makes our neighborhood a great place to take some summer pictures.

These mushrooms just pop up after a big rain and then disappear shortly afterward.

Here they are close up.

The impatiens in our front yard from the school fundraiser.

Another shot of the impatiens, and you can see the pink hibiscus in the background as well.

Gotta love Black-Eyed Susans, especially when there is a bumblebee hanging out on one of them.

The neighbor's sunflower. It was so tall I couldn't count to see which Fibonacci numbers were represented in the rows.

Art shot of the Black-Eyed Susans. I miss having a manual aperture to be able to manipulate depth of field, but the silly "blur" function on the cell phone will have to do for now.

Another neighbor's yard.

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