Summer Smorgasbord

June 2016

So, from the ice skating pictures (ahem), I'm pretty sure you can tell that these weren't all taken in the summer of 2016. However, that is when I finally got my act together to look through some pictures that had built up and were waiting to be sorted. So here are some gems from the first half of 2016.

A bunch of kids, I, and a couple of other parents went to the Escape Room together! This particular room had only a 15-20% escape rate -- even for adult groups -- but we escaped! It was such a great bonding experience. Micah, Sadie, Antonia, Jack, and Nate -- you all rock!!

Some kids and I had fun doing gumdrop chemistry. We made the structure of alcohol, chocolate, and caffeine among other things!

One of the absolute highlights of Micah's year is when his cousins Haley and Eli have special olympics. Here he and Eli are racing toward the finish line together!

The kids and Ella and I went to a Pitt basketball game! Ella and Sadie play for Colfax.

Here Micah and Sadie are helping me lead an improv comedy workshop for a Girl Scout troupe. Thanks Dedee for asking me to do this -- it was a lot of fun!

Ah, mandel bread! I know "mandel" means almond in Yiddish, but we seem to always emphasize the chocolate chips instead ...

Ivy and Sadie on one of their many skating adventures at Schenley Park.

Sadie helped me make bagels from scratch ...

... and here is the end result!

Spring and summer can be exhausting. Time for a well-needed rest!

For my birthday Jen treated me to a wood-turning class, something I had always wanted to try.

Sadie and a new friend from the National Aviary (which is in Pittsburgh!)

Here were the fellas who decided they wanted to hang out with Micah.

Ori Cohen came with us as well!

Just a cool piece of nature we came across while walking in the woods of Frick Park. The markings are from some critter crawling around under the bark.

The kids at the doggie park. This is the place we take Ellie to be off-leash.

One of my favorite lines from Shakespeare on my favorite little girl.

Micah won (no this is not a misprint) third place for his age group in the entire state of Pennsylvania in a math contest. Here he is hauling away his loot. It is a nice hat!

Here is an art shot of Micah doing tai chi ...

... and Sadie doing kung fu!

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