The Giver

May 2016

Micah and Sadie both had big roles in Prime Stage's The Giver at The New Hazlett


Eliza and the actors take a picture at the grayscale photobooth.

Micah and Will are friends outside the theater as well.

The real acting was trying not to react to the disgusting quick-make mashed potatoes.

Asher and Jonas play a game of catch with an plastic apple.

Why are plastic babies so interesting?!

surprisingly, that was a good lunch break! Sadie:Hay! All we got was mashed potatoes!!

Asher got the job of Recreation Director, it suits him perfectly!

Jonas spending quality time with The Giver.

A tence and suspensful scene.

Lily tells a dramatic story about Jonathan.

The first sign of winter, fake snow raining from the sky.

The whole crew gets a well deserved round of applause.

Illysa photobombs a picture of the Sades.

The bad boys in their shiny silver hats!

Those star glasses just aren't for Sadie.

Sad Sades.:(

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