We Have the Most Amazing School and Neighborhood

February 2016

Here are some assorted adventures related to our great neighborhood, Squirrel Hill, and our amazing neighborhood public school, Colfax Elementary.

From inside my car, here is the gang heading to the bus stop!

Colfax teaches ballroom dancing in 5th grade.

There is always great energy at community time.

Sadie makes a friend in our local park

And Sadie makes another friend (this time canine) named "Poof"!

The school choir performing ... Micah is in the front in the middle with his Cheshire Cat shirt

The neighborhood kids hanging out. Josie's not 100% sure if she belongs in the box or not ...

Sadie poses with some chalkboard art before the rain washes it away

I took Sadie and her good friend Ella to Ethiopian food.

And then they crashed at the frozen yogurt place afterward.

Micah and his friends compete in the city-wide Battle of the Books ...

... and they win first place by a landslide!

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