End of Year Clean-Up

December 2015

Here are some pictures I found that I just had to find a way to post!

Sadie encounters a Guinea Pig (also known as a Cavy)

Me and my boy

Jen and her girl ... in matching African skirts!

We volunteer at the Animal Rescue League's weekly bunny cuddle

The kids and I went to a Zentangling workshop

One of the sheer joys of EKC family camp ... sugar cereals!

And Micah enjoys him some Froot Loops as well ...

Here is Micah at the bunny cuddle

Sadie is kicking my butt at Mille Bornes

Cousin Asher sure took a fancy to Jen!!

Daddy and the kids dressed up for a night on the town

Sadie leaves a message on grandma's windshield to start the day

We went to visit good friends Jason, Becca, and little Ozzy in Baltimore

Jen manning her booth at a local craft fair

The kids with Ozzy

Micah and cousin Eli bowling together. Eli thought it was a bit loud, but he enjoyed it nonetheless!

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