Home and Garden Update

September 2015

Might as well post all the cool pictures of the garden before everything freezes over!

Potted gerber daisies in front of the house

Forget-me-nots ... a personal favorite!

A bed of impatiens in the foreground and the vegetable garden in the back

On the inside of the house, I took on stripping some of the nice old wood posts ... as you can tell it is a work in progress ...

Back outside, some human spirit livens up the scene

Lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, peppers ... not the best crop this year, but an adventure nonetheless!

One day I cleaned up a bed in the back and made a little shade area

"The morning after": A large branch almost totalled the car next door, so I had to chop it up for the neighbors

Ah, fall. The flowers got a bit of frost last night.

And that means that the leaves aren't far behind. The last season of leaves from our Norway Maple!

A beautiful magenta bush at the neighbors' house

And now the frost is truly taking over. Time to go inside for the season!

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