Ellie Dvash Primack comes home!

September 2015

We finally took the puppy plunge. We have been looking, waiting, and considering for a long time. But when we saw Ellie, we knew she was the right one!

There she is, the heartbreaker

With a darling profile to match

This is Ellie's mom, who lived on the farm with her. Her Dad was a miniature poodle.

Here she is coming home in the back seat with the kids

A shot with Mommy and the kids

Sadie tries to see the world from Ellie's vantage point

She took to her doggie bed right away!

But her other favorite place to hang out is on Daddy's bean bag chair.

She's a real cuddler.

With Mommy after her first trip to the doggie spa

Sadie teaches her the slide

Kiss kiss!

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