Sporty Stuff

August 2015

From skiing to cycling to soccer, it was a pretty active year.

Just the boys got away for a skiing adventure one day

And another time the whole family made it ... who is that masked girl??

Here is Sadie on Coach Andy's team

And the rest of the group

Sadie also took some dance at the Civic Light Opera

I brought the kids to the cycling track for some triathlon training!

Captain Micah (#99) getting ready for the coin toss at the Schenley Oval field

This time it was watching ... I took the kids to a professional ultimate frisbee game to see the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds

Micah playing soccer at Emma Kaufmann Camp, where we went for a few days so I could volunteer as camp doctor

Nora and Sadie, on travel team


And here is the rest of coach Kevin and Jason's team

Micah and his Dynamo travel team prep with David Woolley as coach

Micah checks out the erg machine at a hotel

Another action shot of Sadie practicing

Ella, Sadie, Eli, Desi, Micah, and I went to the JCC to get some indoor practice when it got too snowy outside

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