Our Little Free Library

August 2015

While Jen and the kids were away, I had a little adventure and put up the Little Free Library that they kindly gave me for Father's Day. I had always thought these things were so cool!

That thing that looks like a two-sided shovel is a "post-hole digger."

Slam it down, wiggle the handles back and forth, and repeat. Soon you will have quite a hole.

The depth necessary is proportional to the height of the post above ground. In this case, 18" was enough.

Fast-setting concrete is a modern miracle. This kind you just pour into the hole without mixing first!

Make sure the post is level before setting the concrete. Just tap it back and forth with a hammer as needed.

Then you just pour in the water -- no mixing required!

While the Library post was setting, I worked on stabilizing a fence post in the back with a connector, readying it for some concrete as well.

I rigged up some materials to form the concrete and poured it in.

It was solid in about 20 minutes. Between the stabilizing connector and this concrete, this fence post isn't going anywhere!

Meanwhile, the concrete around the Library post was solid in about 40 minutes.

But, I waited several hours before actually attaching the library so that it could completely set.

Our Little Free Library is all set! Come pick up something if you are in town!

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