Pilgrimage to KT

July 2016

This summer was a first for the Pittsburgh Primacks. When have we ever been known to follow an artist on tour? But we couldn't resist the temptation when the truly remarkable indie folk-rock artist KT Tunstall live? She is from Scotland and doesn't get to this side of the Altantic as often as we would like. So, when she was only 6 hours away in NYC, we decided to let our fandom get the best of us.

We stopped by Hershey Park on the way.

Everything is different in NYC, including the "formal wear" . . .

Sadie posing in one of the many fabric stores we visited.

After all, when you're married to a fabric artist, the garment district is going to be a draw.

Lunch in a cool Italian joint.

We visited the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum while we were in the neighborhood.

Micah takes his turn driving us about in the submarine.

Here we are at the venue ... the kids are indeed in handmade KT fan-clothing!

Here is our view of her from our table.

And she was cool enough to pose with the kids! Wow!

Not just dim-sum, but dim-sum that is kosher and vegan ... only in NYC.

A little Air B&B warning ... we were locked in for over 2 hours when the doorknob came off!

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