A Glorious Family Wedding

June 2015

My cousin Brandon, who lives in the Big Apple. Aside from the amazing wedding, we tool a cool excursion to the Museum of Mathematics.

My handmade gift to the couple!

The actual wedding took place in an NYC courtroom.

The judge was very nice and let Micah try out the gavel.

Sadie also got her turn at taking the legal system into her hands.

One of the cool exhibits at the museum of mathematics -- square wheels and a curved surface!

Awesome mathematical patterns etched into metal.

Sadie making discoveries!

We walked many miles to get to the rehearsal dinner -- as you can tell, we were quite relieved to arrive!

All dressed up for the wedding party.

The guys on the way to the party.

The kids are having a good time -- Sadie was a flower girl!

Sadie and Yin, the bride.

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