Southern Exposure

February 2015

One rapidly learns, living in Pittsburgh, that it is valuable to flee the ice, snow, and grey around February. This year we went on a nature adventure in Southwest Flordia.

I build real fossil sifters and we did indeed find a ton of cool shells and shark's teeth!

Sadie the arteest

The wildlife in Florida comes in all shapes and sizes, lemme tellya

An egret we spied on a nature walk

Sadie makes a friend

The kids at a really cool nature park -- we saw animals, went to a shell museum, and did old fashioned mining for gems

Hanging out

A kayak adventure ... looking for manatees!

Here we are gliding along ... we saw about a dozen manatees (no pictures though ... they were too quick!)

The kids posing with our really cool guides

Pool play

On the last night, we went together to an art studio and painted as a family

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