Belize Adventure

January 2015

The whole family went to Belize to reconnect. We had a great adventure full of nature.

Getting ready for a horse-riding adventure through the jungle

Micah and Sadie hanging out with a new friend

Micah and Jen taking a break while climbing an old Mayan site

Gretchen and Gus, on the edge!

Look who started following us around

This kind of excitement can only be brought on by ... zip lining!

Micah on the tail end of a zip-line run

A landscape in the ruins

Sadie pauses in the jungle to admire a tree

Zayde and Sadie

Jen pauses for a moment in a butterfly sanctuary

Sadie has a bunch of insect friends checking her out

Art shot of a couple of butterflies

Micah gets adventuresome with a Tapir (yes, they are friendly)

Yes, it's a leopard, and yes, it was behind a fence

Micah and Sadie right next to a howler monkey!

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