Our First Denniston Street Sukkah

October 2014

The sukkah was relatively easy at the Hobart house, because we had a grape arbor that was easily adapted. However, at the Denniston house the best option is for it to be free-standing. Fortunately, I found a helpful instructable that I was able to adapt for our space. It is primarily PVC, so it is light and strong!

The PVC barely fit in the car!

Ella came over and helped out.

I cut the PVC with a miter saw. There was a bit of sweeping to do afterward ...

The special PVC cement actually melts the material somewhat so they stay bonded.

Taking a break while working.

And all of a sudden, it is up! The light blue pieces are duct tape to stabilize joints that are not permanent.

Tarps on 3 sides, bamboo fencing, and some decoration, and it is done.

Sadie got pretty good at the blessings after 8 days.

The kids made some simple but festive and effective decorations.

The Levys came over to enjoy it with us.

It was super convenient that the sukkah is set up right next to a soccer field.

So we keep a bit of succot with us all year round, Sadie and I wove a basket out of the used lulav.

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