September 2014

I was delighted to be invited to give a TEDMED talk this year. So, Jen and I got to go to San Francisco so I could deliver the talk. It involved a ton of preparation, but it was definitely worth it. If you haven't seen the talk, please watch and give me a thumbs-up on YouTube -- but only if indeed you think it does deserve a thumbs-up, of course! While the talk was certainly a highlight of the trip, another highlight was being able to visit bay-area family, including welcoming Declan into the world! Enjoy, and click a picture to enlarge it.

A fellow presenter made my portrait in bacteria (no, I'm not kidding ...)!

I was shocked to enter the hall and see a larger-than-life artist's rendition of myself hanging from the ceiling. Weird!

A view of the big stage of the lovely Palace of Arts in San Francisco.

One of my favorite presenters, Zsolt Bognar, played Schubert and told of his fascinating medical history.

The little trolley that took us to and from the hotel.

A wacky giant chair they had in the hotel.

San Francisco has a lot of character.

Jenny got to hold her brand-new cousin Declan Grey Stucky!

And here she is with Declan's big sister Shay.

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