Lemonade Stand Time

August 2014

Summer is an amazing time in Pittsburgh. Check out some of our most memorable adventures from this year!

Micah, Sadie, and the Shorkey kids made a lemonade stand ...

And it got off to a roaring start.

They were quite busy!

The view from my boat as the Pittsburgh Adventure Triathlon (rowing, biking, and running) began.

Thank goodness I finished!

The kids sang "Over the Rainbow" at EKC family camp talent show.

We finally said goodbye to the Froggie (car) after 15 good years of service.

Annabel and Sadie at tennis camp.

The kids played cool games all summer -- Capture the Flag, Kick the Can, Baseball, Football, and Wolfpack, to name a few.

All that playing can be exhausting.

Mira and her siblings came over for a sleepover.

Sam Shorkey and his adorable smile!

Sadie and I at the ice skating rink. It might seem like an odd summer tradition, but we had a lot of fun.

We went to visit cousins Clara (far right) and Asher (not shown here) in Philadelphia.

Micah's handmade drawing for Eliza -- Twig and Spike (his made-up cartoon characters) say happy birthday!

Water sports at Jonathan's.

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