Show Extravaganza

August 2014

Both of the kids enjoyed seeing Cats this summer. In fact, they were inspired to be part of a kids' version produced during a week-long camp affiliated with a professional musical theater company. Micah was pretty tired after soccer camp all day and then going to the CLO, but as you can tell from the pictures, it was worth it!

Sadie volunteers for a small cameo at the Science Museum.

Ballet camp is not just time for ballet ...

... there's also a good opportunity for expression!

The girls in a bonding moment.

Micah volunteers to go onstage for an improv comedy show we saw.

And Sadie got her turn as well.

Sadie's Cats makeup ... her part was Skimbleshanks.

A pciture of the ensemble with Sadie center and Micah far right, both in the first row.

Both grandmas came to see the show.

Into character!

Sadie poses in the stand-in cutout of Skimbleshanks.

And Micah tried out Munkustrap's. Looks good!

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