July 2014

We spent a week at Touchstone for our third consecutive summer! We had many artistic adventures, of coruse. But we also got to enjoy a lot of nature, including coming across an adorable juvenile spotted newt. We also played a fun game like jai-alai and had a ritual of having tea together in the evenings. Click a picture to enlarge.

We stayed in a cabin this year.

Immediately after arrival the kids found an appropriate rock for perching.

The juvenile newt we found, which is also called a "red eft."

Micah's clay and other creations.

And here are Sadie's ... note how she made the newt, as well as a bowl of sushi!

Micah's henna tattoo of a salamander.

Sadie got a flower for her henna tattoo.

A favorite artistic exploit was making hand-made hats out of cardboard.

Here the kids their friends from class.

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