Summer's Coming!

June 2014

Check out the pictures below for some glimpses into the Great Allegheny Passage, Pittsburgh's historic Kennywood Park, and more! Enjoy, and click a picture to enlarge it.

Sadie and friend Eliza on the Great Allegheny Passage bike trail.

Sadie and I built a little house to hold our Pokemon.

Sadie with Asher, whose Dad coached Sadie's team.

Just before another biking outing.

Micah's school chorus.

Sadie and Ella after a close encounter with a sprinkler.

Sadie in the backyard garden.

Selfie at Kennywood.

Jenny looking adorable in braids.

The kids with cousin Eli ...

... and with cousin Haley.

The kids enjoying a park near our house.

With adorable friends Sam and Josie.

And her is Sadie with Chloe and Ella.

Grandma enjoyed coming to Micah's games.

A bunch of lovely ladies!

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