Nature Wakes Up

May 2014

Ah, spring in the mid-Atlantic. Here are a few nature shots from Pittsburgh and Silver Spring. The Silver Spring shots are from an adventure we went on with Friends of Sligo Creek. Although we didn't find the salamanders we were looking for, we found a lot else! I guess that is a good metaphor for life -- it's what you discover while you are looking for something else. In any case, enjoy, and click a picture to enlarge it.

We saw a wild turkey just galavanting across our neighborhood.

Micah and the goose regarded each other. Hello, friend, they quietly said.

We found an impressive and beautiful Japanese beetle.

Hello Mr. Toad.

In fact, it was mating season for the toads. These worm-like structures under the water are toad egg sacks!

Concentration and sharp eyes resulted in a sighting of a baby snapping turtle.

Here Micah is, gently holding him.

And Sadie got a chance too before we carefully returned him to his watery habitat.

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