Rainbows Galore

January 2014

Sadie has gotten pretty skilled with her Rainbow Loom. For those of you who are not familiar with this phenomenon, it is just a piece of plastic with strategically placed prongs. Small rubber bands fit around the prongs. And, if you remove them in just the right way with a hook, you can make a bracelet. Or a ring. Or an earring. Or a gumball machine or turtle! So, here are some of Sadie's early creations. Enjoy, and click a picture to enlarge it.

Sadie comes with me to work. While I analyze data sets and write papers, she scours YouTube for looming ideas!

The gumball machine. Yes, it is made entirely out of little rubber bands.

The green gumball machine.

A bracelet made from the "fishtail" stitch.

An even fancier bracelet, with a little turtle charm.

My personal favorite ... Sadie made me a turtle to remind me to just keep going, slow and steady.

An earring.

Sadie made a bunch of candy canes for friends for Christmas.

A bracelet out of a ladder stitch. She carefully picks the colors!

The gumball machines are so cool we had to have yet another picture of them.

A different bracelet stitch with complementary pastel bands.

The humble Rainbow Loom ring!

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