Curacao Adventure

December 2013

We went on our first ever trip to the Carribean this winter. My parents very generously took us as well as my sister Gretchen and her husband Gus. Curacao is a very interesting place, just off the coast of South America. I had no idea, for example, that it houses the oldest Jewish synagogue in the Western Hemisphere. The blue liqueur named for this place was developed hundreds of years ago by a family of Marranos. Curacao represents an eclectic mix of cultures. Although because it is officially part of the Dutch Kingdom the official language is Dutch, the local spoken language is called papiamentu and is a mix of Dutch, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and African and Native dialects. Click any picture to enlarge it.

The worn, rusted edges matched the laid-back environs perfectly

The view from our room

Uncle Gus with Jen and the kids

Fresh coconut

The start of an artist's way in the capital

The kids in the oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere -- note the floor made of sand

Sadie and Jen at a colorful mural

Iguanas roam freely

A real yellow submarine, just sitting around

Jen and the kids in an immersive display at the aquarium

A tableau in the aquarium

Micah and Sadie getting ready to hit the beach

Sadie and Naida

Sadie and Micah after face-painting festivities

Sadie made friends with kids from Venezuela and Holland

Enjoying a frozen treat

Gretchen and Zayde

Brian, Sadie, and Jen ready to get to the beach

Bubbe, Zayde, and the kids

A lovely scene with a brightly colored house and local flora

Playing on a local playground

Dushi means 'sweet' in papiamentu

Sadie next to another colorful mural we passed

Curacao is known for brightly colored homes and buildings

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